China reinforces protection of nature reserve boundaries

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The Ministry of Ecology and Environment (MEE) recently called in 11 officials representing eight local authorities and forestry administrations from Anhui province, Chongqing municipality and Yunnan province, to instruct them to be more alert about the deteriorating environmental conditions around seven important nature reserves under their jurisdiction, reported on Nov. 6.

According to the ministry, these local entities were found to be turning a blind eye to illegitimate developments, providing false information and making a fool of supervisory organs with fake promises.

The aim of the ministry move was to demonstrate that such derelictions of duty and fabrications could hardly escape the supervisory radar. From March onwards, the ministry, along six other authorities, has been working on a joint action called "Green Shield," calibrating at 469 national-level and 847 provincial or equivalent-level nature reserves located in 31 provinces, prefectures and municipalities.

The problems that have been detected by inspectors include ambiguous boundaries between habitable and non-habitable areas enabling people to go in and out freely, growing rubbish mountains, continued construction of tourist facilities that the local authorities had promised to halt, and illegal projects under the name of "improving people's livelihoods."

"We face lots of historic problems while protecting nature reserves. Therefore, we don't hold you accountable for the past, but each of you must be responsible from now on," Liu Changgen, deputy director of the national environmental inspection office of MEE, told the 11 officials.

In line with the Regulations on Nature Reserves amended last year, actions, such as lumbering, herding, hunting, fishing, herb collection, land reclamation, grass burning, mining and dredging, are prohibited in the protected areas.

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